5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today!

I created my first blog in 2006 as a way to chronicle my journey from hobbyist to novelist. It was designed to be the narrative of the writer who dreams of one day entering the pantheon of the publishing greats. I didn’t really know if anyone would take the time to read my random musings on the highs and lows of trying to get published or not, but I didn’t really care in the beginning. I was doing it more for myself.

At the time, Blogger, was the dominant blogging platform and social media was still in its infancy. I also created a blog to showcase my poetry on Myspace, which was at that time the dominant social media platform. I added a hit counter to my blogger page and Myspace made it easy to see who was viewing and commenting on my content. Both of these were major steps for me because prior to this moment I had never been much of a journaler. But it was great fun to plot out a blog, post it, and see the reaction. I was hooked!

I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about html, search engine optimization, and web widgets at the time. That was the beauty of blogger…it took the headache out of blogging. I was, however, very aware of blogging as a potential traffic generator for a website. And I knew this would come in handy should I ever publish a book someday.

Four years later the blogging landscape has changed dramatically. Blogging is now serious business. People are getting paid for their opinions, expertise, and random musings. Google adsense has changed the game. Social media has altered the way you interact with your audience. But these changes mean more opportunities to express your narrative, hook your audience, and build a lasting connection.

So what are you waiting for? Get to blogging! And if you need more reasons why, here are our top 5 reasons to start blogging today!
1. It’s easier than ever before
2. It’s FREE!
3. It drives traffic to your website
4. It helps you GET FOUND online
5. It allows you to control your story.

We have also rated the Top Blogging Platforms of 2010 and found WordPress to be the best DIY blogging platform of the year. To get you started, here are a few resources:
• WordPress get started Guide
o http://learn.wordpress.com/get-started/
• 100 WordPress resources
o http://blog.steffanantonas.com/100-killer-wordpress-resources.htm

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