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by TPC on January 5, 2017

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In November 2010, three authors stepped off the long, twisty
road toward traditional book publication, and charted a new
course under the umbrella of their own creation,
The Pantheon Collective (TPC).
Read how it all began…

A horror novel about a curse terrorizing a group of people unaware of their hidden connections.



Books One & Two in the



Stephanie Casher

The Space Between

A heartbreaking tale of true love, terrible timing, impossible choices, and how you find the strength to go on when you discover that, sometimes, love just isn’t enough…

After finding (and losing) her soulmate in When Love Isn’t Enough, Samantha Merrick is back and ready for the next chapter in her life. If only she could figure out what that is…

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award-winning author
James W. Lewis

SELLOUT follows three individuals, and the consequences they face dating outside their race. In the quest to find what they think is missing in their lives, they encounter guilt, fear and mess they never anticipated…including murder.

Can the MYTH about the black male species be true?

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