THE SPACE BETWEEN – What Took Me So Long

by Stephanie on September 11, 2014

You know, I really envy those people who can crank out a book a year. That has not been my experience. Despite my attempts to speed up the process to accommodate the desires of my fan base (who have been patiently and anxiously awaiting the sequel to When Love Isn’t Enough), I’ve come to terms with the fact that under the best of circumstances, it takes me about a year to write a novel, and then another year for editing and revisions. Maybe if I had the luxury of writing full-time, I could crank those chapters out faster, but alas, that is not my reality.

In reality, my life has been rather chaotic over the past few years. In January 2012, I got a fantastic promotion, which catapulted me into a high-stress, high-responsibility management position. As I worked through my learning curve at the new job, TPC and writing took a back seat. Once I finally settled in at my new job, and was ready to turn my attention back to writing, I was offered yet ANOTHER promotion, which represented not only a bump in salary, but a move to an entirely new department. I was the new girl once again, learning the functions of a new position and the culture of a new division. Changing jobs twice in sixteen months was great for me financially, but it was a whole lot of work, especially during the transition period when I was working both jobs simultaneously. After clocking a 50-hour week at the day job(s), I just didn’t have much left over for creativity and writing most days.

The other events that came into play as I tried to get The Space Between finished were the deaths of two people that I adored and admired. While one of these passings was something I had time to make peace with and prepare for, the other one was very sudden, unexpected and traumatic. Someone relatively young, snatched from us in the prime of her life. Anyone who has had to endure the loss of a loved one can attest to how much grief throws you off your game, and it really threw me off mine. I don’t share this to make excuses; I share this to provide some of my more frustrated readers with a little bit of context.

Then, last fall, after I’d successfully transitioned into Job #2 and gotten some distance from the loss of my friend, I decided to get married! Talk about chaos! Any bride can attest how stressful it is to plan a wedding, but try throwing one together in two months! Insanity! I have never, ever been that stressed in my entire life, and as you can imagine, there wasn’t much writing going on between October and December of last year.

What can I say, life happens.

So for those of you that have been waiting for the next book, checking my website for updates and simmering in frustration at the endless delays — those are some of the obstacles I was navigating… However, I am happy to report that my creative juices have been flowing steadily in 2014, and the book is now officially DONE and in the hands of my content editor. Assuming she doesn’t recommend substantive revision or rewrites (fingers crossed), we should be on track to have the book ready for public consumption soon. I know some of you are rolling your eyes, like, “Yeah, we’ve heard that before,” but we are really in the home stretch this time.

Hopefully you will agree that it was worth the wait. :)

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