Top 10 DIY Book Marketing Tools

The Pantheon Collective is proud to present the Top 10 DIY book marketing tools for authors. We are compiling this list as a part of our mission of empowering and inspiring (aspiring) authors and publishers to make your publishing dreams come true. Check in with us as we count down our top 10 Book Marketing Tools. Here’s the list:

10. Market Research
9. Website Building
8. Search Engine Optimization
7. Blogging
6. Reader Communities
5. Online Retailers
4. Ebook formatting, Distribution, and Publishing
3. Book Trailers
2. Social Media Optimization
1. Ecommerce

Chapter 1: DIY Market Research
Chapter 2: DIY Website Building

Chapter 3: DIY Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 4: Blogging Platforms
Chapter 5: Reader Communities
Chapter 6: Online Retailers
Chapter 7: E-book Formatting and Distribution

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