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One of TPC’s goals is to empower authors, and those with entrepreneurial aspirations, to take charge of their destinies.
In keeping with that fundamental principle, it is our desire to share everything we’ve learned during this process of becoming
authorpreneurs. The articles below, or “Technical Blogs” aim to delve deeper into the logistics of starting a business and
nurturing a writing career.  A blueprint, if you will.  We hope you find the information useful.

THE BUSINESS SIDE Taxes and Accounting Tips for Publishing Professionals

TPC’s 5 Keys to Starting Up

IPV or POD? That is the question

Building a Business Plan

Setting Up Your Website (the DIY way)

Designing your Company Logo

Building a Marketing Plan

Writing an Effective Query Letter

Editing 101

5 Tips for Picking the Right Cover

Top 10 TPC Tips to Leverage Facebook to Gain Sales

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