Why Websites Still Matter

Would you give up your home and go live at your favorite social hang-out? Probably not. Websites still matter because no matter what else you are doing on the web, you need real-estate that you own. No matter how much you love your virtual social circles, you don’t own them. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube do. If your account was deleted tomorrow you would lose every scrap of information you every put into these sites. To truly show off your wares, and protect your information and content, there still is no substitute for a great website. And the good news is that building and maintaining one is cheaper and easier than ever before!

There are six primary steps to getting your site going:
1. Hosting: the plot of real-estate where your site lives
2. Naming: marking your territory
3. Designing: your blueprint for success
4. Publishing: opening up for business
5. Promoting: getting the word out, and getting “found”
6. Maintaining: necessary upkeep

TPC recommends the following website providers to get you started:

Have fun building your online home!

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